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Use Corporate Fiduciaries?

Use Corporate Fiduciaries?
  • Accountants are attractive potential trustees to clients. The client often has a preexisting professional relations and each professional understands the rigors of fiduciary duties.  A group accounting practice permits for continuation of the fiduciary status in the vent of disability or death of the professional.
  • Financial institutions trust departments offer perpetual lives.  Trust officers will meet with counsel and client.  Typically each financial institution has standard language for inclusion in the trustee powers.  Professional and corporate trustee may be an attractive alternative where family members do not have the background necessary to complete the administrative requirements of the position.

Advantages of professional or corporate trustees 

  • Experience in trust administration, business rather than emotional interest
  • "Deep Pockets" in case of breach of fiduciary duty

Disadvantages include

  • Turnover among trust officers
  • Cost
  • Tendency to favor residuary beneficiaries over life-time beneficiaries
  • Lack family or friendship relationship