Permissible Distributions

Made directly to the to third parties service providers [but not beneficiary] include: 

  • medical/dental expenses, annual checkups
  • special nursing care and similar care which assistance programs may not otherwise provide housing if absolutely necessary (though this may cause an approximate 1/3 reduction in the amount of SSI benefits paid)
  • psychological support services
  • private rehabilitative training
  • home health aide
  • training programs, education
  • differentials in cost between publicly-provided housing and private housing
  • differentials in cost between housing and shelter for shared and private rooms 
  • hair and nail care
  • plastic or cosmetic surgery or other non-necessary medical procedures 
  • electric wheelchairs
  • mechanical beds
  • insurance 
  • transportation and vehicle purchase 
  • recreation
  • periodic outings, cultural experiences and vacations
  • companions for travel, driving, and cultural experiences
  • telephone equipment and service
  • television equipment and service 
  • computer equipment 
  • internet access
  • reading material, books on tape stereo sound system
  • stamps and writing supplies  

Administration of Special Needs Discretionary and Support HEMS Trust 

POMS S.I. 01120.200.D.2