Small Business Estate Plan

    9:00 AM-4:30 PM Fairfax VA



  • Initial Client Considerations (1:30-1:45 PM)                       Richard Mayberry
    • Encouraging Business Owners to Plan for Succession
    • Helping the Grantor Clarify His/Her Goals
    • Accounting for Family Dynamics
  • Which Business Entity Makes the Best Estate Planning Vehicle? (1:45-2:00 PM)   Richard Mayberry
    • FLLPs, FLLCs, C and S Corporations, LLC as an S Corporation
    • Converting an Existing Business Structure into Another
  • Valuation Considerations (2:00-2:30 PM)                        Richard Mayberry
  • Long Term Family Control (2:30-2:50 PM)                          Emory E. Hackman, Jr.

o Trust Advisors and Trust Protectors

o Committee of Beneficiaries

o Selection of Successor Trustees

·         Mapping Out the Transfer of Interest (3:05-3:35 PM) 

            Eric A. Vendt

    • Planning for a Full of Partial Sale of Business
    • Planning and Executing a Gradual Transfer
    • Drafting Buy-Sell Agreements for Existing/Operating Businesses
    • Recapitalizations and other techniques
    • Liquidity issues
    • Special Considerations for Sole Proprietors
  • Tax Planning and Reporting (3:35-4:05 PM)                          Eric A. Vendt
    • What to Do about the New Federal Tax Law
    • Income and Gift Tax Hurdles
    • Asset Freezing Techniques – Preserving the Low Value of the Business Assets
    • Preventing Challenges by IRS with Regard to Valuation Discounts and Disclaimers

·   Estate Planning for the Heirs/Beneficiaries of the Business Owner(s) (4:05-4:30 PM) Warren W. Grossman

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