Legal Ethics,Virginia Lawyers

Richard Mayberry taught this class or sections of it to Northern Virginia lawyers for continuing legal education: 

Solutions to the Most Common Ethics Challenges

How to Avoid Being the Target of a Legal Malpractice Claim and Identifying and Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
Changing Technology and Attorney-Client Privilege

Are you doing all you can to head off potential malpractice suits? Attorneys facing allegations filed by former clients are on the rise. Fortunately, you can protect yourself and this half-day seminar will show you how. Our experienced faculty will share their savvy, proactive strategies and techniques. You'll also gain a firm foundation in client relations ethics so you can build productive, positive client relationships. Don't risk your reputation - enroll today!

  • Recognize the red flags that point to a potentially troublesome client.
  • Find out which transactions are prohibited and how to say no if a client suggests one.
  • Learn how to communicate the boundaries of your scope of representation.
  • Understand how to confidently identify conflicts of interest in order to effectively avoid them.
  • Explore the unique nature and responsibilities of the attorney-client relationship.Learn how changing technology brings on new ethical dilemmas and what you need to know to prevent inadvertent disclosures.
This basic-to-intermediate level seminar offers concrete answers for attorneys who deal with the tricky ethical questions facing today's legal professionals.

Date: 2009

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