Probate Process From A to Z

Richard Mayberry taught this class or sections of it to Northern Virginia lawyers for continuing legal education:

A Practical Walkthrough of Probate

Probate is an intricate area of law requiring precision and great attention to detail. Do you have the skills to properly wrap up an estate and ensure the last bequests are interpreted correctly? Let our experienced faculty walk you through the rules and share practical advice for situations when the statutes or codes don't provide guidance. Review the timeline of the probate process and identify deadlines and key issues you must be aware of. Register today!

  • Hear veteran attorney faculty explain the "lay of the land" of the local probate court and make sure each probate is filed properly.
  • Accurately decide on the right form of probate early on to save yourself logistical troubles down the road.
  • Clarify what types of assets can pass free from probate and take advantage of all such opportunities.
  • Gain practical strategies for moving real property through probate.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with the creditors and how to probate insolvent estates.
  • Let experienced faculty show you how to set up the file to make sure important deadlines aren't missed.

  • Review crucial tax considerations and find out what is needed for the final tax return.
  • Uphold your impeccable reputation - clarify ethics rules governing billable and non-billable hours.
  • Gain practical tips for managing guardianships and trusts after the grantor's death.
  • Follow the closing procedure to the letter to prevent follow-up disputes and litigation.

Course Content
  1. The Initial Filing
  2. Who is the Personal Representative?
  3. Proper and Prudent Treatment of Assets
  4. Tax Planning and Consequences of Probate
  5. Ethical Considerations
  6. Closing the Estate and Other Issues

Richard Mayberry last taught: 2010

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