Affordable Healthcare Act

One Year Later

Reforms under the Affordable Care Act have given Americans new rights and benefits, by helping more children get health coverage, ending lifetime and most annual limits on care, allowing young adults under 26 to stay on their parent’s health insurance, and giving patients access to recommended preventive services without cost.

Is it Constitutional?

Supreme Court will decide the constitutionality of the Affordable Healthcare Act spring 2012. For local challenges see e.g.SEVEN-SKY v. Holder, Court of Appeals, Dist. of Columbia Circuit 2011

Many other new benefits of the law have take

in effect, including 50% discounts on brand-name drugs for seniors in the Medicare “donut hole,” and tax credits for small businesses that provide insurance to employees. More rights, protections and benefits for Americans are on the way through 2014. See major parts of the law on our interactive timeline, or read the Patient's Bill of Rights. Find out how the law provides better benefits and better health

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President Franklin Roosevelt d
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