Fairfax County 50+ Action Plan

Plan Today for a More Aging Friendly Community Tomorrow

  • The communities we plan and build, and those we revitalize, must belivable communities for all ages.

 Provide Housing Options                      for Every Age

  • Universal design concepts will ensure that our housing meets the needs of every age and can easily be adapted.


  • An aging friendly Fairfax must address the affordability of housing programs and services to a segment of the population with limited resources.

 Transportation Options Will Ensure Independence

  • Transportation planning must include a wide range of mobility optionsand focus on the needs of older adults.

 Engaged Older Adults Benefit Us All

  • Fulfilling opportunities for engagement will ensure a vibrant community.


  • Build on strengths of our diverse population to enhance the cultural richness of our community and services.

Fairfax County Forecast for Ages 50-80



   Ages 50-80+



  • Support caregivers so they can keep giving.


  • Technology savvy boomers are coming and they’re carrying iPods.


  • Our health care and mental health care systems must keep pace with the aging of our population.

 Safety and Security

  • Increasing consumer fraud targeted at older adults, the devastating impact of emergency situations on our most vulnerable residents, and the loss of life due to fires are frequent topics in the media and in our own homes.

 Service Capacity

  • Planning is crucial to support the increased demand for specialized services for older adults.

Attribution to Fairfax County