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What to Expect

  • About an hour in length
  • Without charge for those committed to planning; unless you have asked for specific work to be done
  • Education on the basic of estate planning
  • Discussion of the differences between a will and trust
  • Counselling on fundamental planning decisions about who to name as your executor or trustee or guardian
  • Candid talk about different ways to distribute wealth to beneficiaries and the the pros and cons of each
  • Delivery of your estate plan, usually, within two weeks of initial appointment
  • Expedited deliver to meet client needs in most cases in possible
  • Flat fees quoted in most cases during initial conference.
"A Law Practice Built
 on Relationships -- Not Mere Commercial Transactions"

The goal of a planning conference is to 
  • aid in articulation of your goals
  • discuss protection of surviving spouses and protect minor children at death first spouse
  • inform on the applicable law
  • illustrate how a plan works
  • aid in fiduciary selection process
  • respond to questions

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