Instructor's Bio

Instructor Richard Mayberry areas of expertise include estate planning, estate administration and elder law:wills and probate, living trusts, powers of attorney, special needs trusts, nursing home and public benefit related matters, end of life issues, and income, and gift and estate tax issues. 

Mayberry is a regular speaker throughout Northern Virginia and has taught continuing professional education seminars to professional  venues  such as:
  • Virginia Society of CPAs
  • Northern Virginia Insurance and Financial Advisors Association
  • Bar associations on technical aspects of the law. 

Richard Mayberry has taught over the years: 
  • Many federal government agencies [including OPM]
  • Corporate and association employees and 
  • Adult public education courses
Mayberry graduated from the George Washington University Law School. He is past chair of the Estate Planning and Elder Law Committee of the Bar Association of the District of Columbia. 

Course for lawyers, CPAs and insurance professionals often qualify for continuing educational credit. Mayberry is an approved teacher for the Commonwealth of Virginia in Laws & Regs, Life & Health and other General Insurance.