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2 Life-Long Presbyterian

The  "solas" of the Reformation provide a backbone for out beliefs as Evangelical Presbyterians:
  • God's grace alone as the only way to be reconciled to God
  •  faith alone as the only means of receiving God's grace
  • Christ alone as the ground of God's saving grace
  • Scripture alone as the only infallible authority for belief and 
  • God's glory alone as the ultimate purpose for the lives of men and women. 
The Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) is a denomination and family of churches that are Reformed Presbyterian with an evangelistic outreach.

What does it mean to be "Presbyterian?"
 Biblically qualified elders are recognized through congregational election and, along with ministers, rule the church corporately. It also means mutual accountability and 
responsibility. Just as individual Christians are connected to one another as members of the body of Christ, so also individual congregations are connected under Christ as the great Head of the Church. 

What does it mean to be "Reformed?"
Historically, our roots are traced to the Reformation, when John Calvin and others led the movement to reform the Church according to Scripture. Theologically, it means belief in the
absolute sovereignty of God and that the highest good is God's glory

What does it mean to be "Evangelical?"
To be "Evangelical" means to believe in the
importance of sharing the good news that through Jesus Christ the kingdom of God has been inaugurated, freeing people from the guilt and power of sin through personal faith and repentance. It is first work of the church and thus our emphasis on church planting and world missions.