God's Healing Power In Our Family

Mayberry Family Testimony 

Thanksgiving 2009
My brother in law went into NYC Presbyterian Hospital for removal of a kidney; he spent 3 weeks in intensive care in a coma. His prognosis included death.

Power of God: I prayed for my brother in law's recovery and the strength for my sister to handle the management of this crisis.  My brother in law survived and lives at home with my sister.

March 3, 2010
 Dr. Brian 
Subach,Virginia Spine Institute,   performed Cervical Laminaplasty Surgery on 4 vertebrae of Richard Mayberry's neck

Power of God: Pastor Ron Myers, and 4th Church, prayed for me. The surgery was successful.

June 4, 2010 An eye surgeon  performed two, back to back eye operationon my father, Harold, aged 86.

He was blind in one eye after the first. Normal eye pressure is 16; Dad's was 50. Without success in the second operation dad would lose functional sight.

Grace of God Dad and I both prayed separately for a medical miracle prior to the second surgery; and it restored Dad's eyesight.

June 15. 2010, another surgeon successfull performed  a Lumbar Laminaplasty Surgery on my mother, age 89. I prayed with my mother before her surgery for God's healing power.  

Mercy of  God: The Lord provided hope before the operation, and combined with the prayers of my father, the Holy Spirit guided the surgeons' hands to a successful outcome.

August11, 2010  Richard Mayberry's mother passed away from causes un-related to the lumbar surgery.

Faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. 
 Mother had an appointment with the Lord. Her suffering ended, and she lives united with God in a perfect place where there is no pain or disease.

Silent Killer  Richard Mayberry, had no symptoms. prior to his March 3, 2010 cervical laminaplasty. Only by God's grace, was his spinal disorder  discovered before he was dead or a paralyzed neck down.   

Promptly see a doctor if your spinal stenois provides warning signals such as pain and/or numbness 
    • in the arms
    • clumsiness of the hands
    • gait disturbances

The Culprit-Spinal stenosis is a condition where 

  • narrowing of the spinal canal
  • causes compression of the spinal cord and/or nerve roots
  • narrowing is caused by numerous factors including bone spurs, degeneration of the intervertebral disks, facet joints, and thickening of the ligaments. 

The response. The surgery relieves the pressure on the spinal cord while maintaining the stabilizing effects of the posterior elements of the vertebrae. 

Watch the procedure by click here.

In a laminaplasty,  one side of the vertebrae is cut and the other"groved" so  "hinging" of the vertebrae, like a door swinging open, can occur. A titanium plate with hinges is attached to the opened side, and screwed down--relieving pressure on the spinal cord and  stopping the progression of damage to the spinal cord.To heighten public awareness of spinal stenosis.