Immigrant Heritage


Richard Mayberry's paternal grandfather, immigrated from Northern Ireland in late 1800s through Ellis Island settling in Albany, NY. Grand father operated bars in small towns around Syracuse, NY and also did construction work during WW II. Thomas passed away May 29, 1963, living to be age 84.

Thomas Mayberry's son, Dr. Harold Mayberry, is the father of Richard Mayberry. Dad joined the Army Air Corp in World War II, qualified as a flight officer and with the benefit of the GI Bill became a dentist in rural Finger Lakes Area of New York State.

Dr. Harold Mayberry and 
Marie Zacaroli Mayberry [1921-2010]

Thomas Mayberry's great-great grandsons [ Dad's great- grand son's], Tim Mayberry and Captain Scott Mayberry, USMC, are Richard Mayberry's sons. Richard Mayberry son Scott deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan in the war against terrorism.

endall and Cora Mayberry are the daughters of Richard Mayberry's son Scott; Dad's great-great grand daughters, and Thomas Mayberry's  great-great-great grand daughters. Cora Grace was born to Scott and his wife in December 2010 while stationed at Marine Corp. HQ, Quantico.

Frank and Rose Zacaroli

Richard Mayberry's maternal grand father -Frank Zacaroli -immigrated from Italy passing through Ellis Island and  settling in Utica,  NY.    A number of years after their arrival, Frank's father died, and Frank  assumed responsibility for 11 siblings at age 25.

Frank Zacarol became an well-regard accountant until his death in 1950 at age 54.  His union with Rose produced  Marie Doris Zacaroli, who is the mother of Richard Mayberry. Marie at age 20 left home without Frank's blessings, joining the WW II army to become a registered nurse. 

Both Mother and Richard Mayberry graduated from Hartwick College, 1947 and 1972, as shown on a brick in a new college building.