Dedicated to my Mother Marie Doris Mayberry 
Who Went Home August 11, 2010
Residence: My parents choice a continuing care retirment community, or CCRC in 2005. The CCRC has independent, assisted living, memory unit, rehab and long term care facilities.

Pictured with great grand daughter Kendall "Marie" Mayberry

Response to Final Illness: Mother's discharge plan from rehab required 24-7 care by aids who worked 12 hour shifts until she returned to the hospital.

Final Illness: Mother and the family chose palliative care over hospice.

Funeral Service and Burial: A recommended funeral home prepared Mother for burial. Memorial services were held at my Father's church. The service included testimonies by children and grand children about Mother's life.

The family choose a traditional burial in a plain pine casket [Adirondack model] with a simple foot marker bearing name, birth date separated by a cross from date of death.

An apple tree, symbolic of renewal of life to many rural western New York state residents as my family looks over her burial site. 

Mayberry family information provided in honor of my Mother, trained as a registered nurse, who cared greatly for her patients. Intent is is to raise public awareness on the difficult topics addressed and show one family's approach. Different family could/should take different approaches to respond to their own different circumstances.