Small Town Boy

Growing Up

Finger Lakes Region of New York State

"A favorite diner where I grew up is pictures below. Newark is a small town in a rural area called the New York State "Finger Lakes Region" [see interactive map]. Fruit and dairy farming were main stays of our economy in the 1960s. Small towns build character for hard work and integrity. For this I am eternally grateful to my town, its teacher for an excellent education and my family.

"I consider myself fortunate to have practiced law my first 20 years a block from the White House in the heart of  Washington D.C.; and since 2000 to practice in the beautiful Virginia suburbs of McLean and to live in one of the finest counties in Virginia-Arlington.  My clients are the middle class and I enjoy working with them. I also teach adult ed locally and the technical aspects of estate planning and elder law to lawyers and CPAs locally and nationally. We live in an area steeped in civil war history, close to the nation's capital, and culture abounds for all ages." ----Richard Mayberry
Practicing Law
Northern Virginia

My McLean office is located in Fairfax County; McLean is known for its many upscale homes, as well as its shopping and high end malls at Tysons One and Galleria.  Many diplomats, members of Congress and high-ranking federal government officials, entrepreneurs and service businesses are residents. Major companies headquartered in McLean including Capital One; Freddie Mac; Gannet; Hilton Hotels Corporation; and Mars confectioneries.

Fairfax County's population exceeds one million residents making it by far the most populous jurisdiction in Virginia [13.1% of Virginia's population], and the most populous jurisdiction in the Washington Metropolitan Area. The county is home to the Central Intelligence Agency.

Richard Mayberry lives in Arlington County which is directly across the Potomac River, and Washington, D.C.  In Arlington are the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery.

Sustainable, livable neighborhoods for residents of all ages is an integral part of Arlington life. Along with five other counties in Northern Virginia, Arlington ranked among the twenty American counties with the highest median household income and was at one point considered the safest city in which to weather a recession.     

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