Traveled Destinations Over Lifetime

Back-Packed a Good Part of the World after Hartwick College and traveled many US Cities as a Washington Lawyer 

I am fortunate. My father encouraged me while I was in my 20's to travel before entering law school in 1973. A child of the '60s I took a year off after graduating Hartwick College. Hartwick's liberal arts in practice has an active foreign program to this day. Hartwick prepares its graduates how to prosper during the undulations of rapid change  by events such as globalization and the internet. Over a lifetime one comes to welcome and prosper during change.

My foreign travels covered hitch hiking, back packing, EurRail 'passing" most of UK, most of the western European [countries from Holland to Spain and all in between], the Balearic Islands (archipelago of Spain in the western Mediterranean Sea], Corfu [Greek island in the Ionian Sea], Greece, and them overland entire stride of Turkey to Tehran [pre-Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini]

I am doubly fortunate that my 20 year Washington D.C. law practice [1980-2000, travel largely related to litigaiton] provided the wonderful opportunity to work in probably something like 20-25 domestic American cities: Criss crossing the country from San Diego to Augusta,Maine; due sough to Atlanta; due west to New Orleans north to Gary Indiana, Cleveland Ohio and so forth.

Destinations are marked on the trip advisor travel map. I urge all to travel during their life time to learn about different cultures and peoples.