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Basic Probate

What Is It and Should 
You Really Try to Avoid It?

If you have a will; your estate will be probated. The laws have changed to make probate more efficient process. How to maximize these rules, interact with the Commission or Accounts when the executor inventors the estate and accounts on expenditures and distributions to heirs is one of the keys.  

Some estates, avoid probate by beneficiary designations of life insurance and annuities and retirement plans.Key factors in deciding to use a will or trust to avoid probate all together will be explored ion class discussion. 

Don’t Let Probate Get You Twice  

Many own a second home or have bought a new home in anticipation of retirement in North Carolina, Florida, and other venues. Sine satisfy their drive to live in different locations with timeshares. Others have the family beach house at the shore in New Jersey that, hopefully, will be kept in the family over many generations. This course will explore different types of title for real property and family agreements to protect one's retirement and the legacy property, especially when one property is located outside of Virginia.