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Abuse of the Elderly

Living Alone

The elderly are subject to that live alone are subject to solicitations for unnecessary home improvements, investments frauds, and other abuses. Call county protective services when you see a wrong committed to the elderly.

Nursing Homes: We have all read the newspapers about abuse at some nursing homes.Telltale signs may be:

  • Refusal by staff to permit visiting resident
  • Bed sores, and other types of open wounds
  • Withdrawal or other significant change in personality
  • Dehydration and other unusual signs or events.
  • If you see such signs of possible abuse:

  • Ask the resident specific questions about what occurred, for example  or how the resident got a a bruise 
  • Depending upon the severity of the harm, frequency of unsanitary conditions, and other factors, an immediate intervention may be necessary
  • Call Richard Mayberry at (703) 714-1554 if you are uncomfortable confronting the nursing home or would like to consult on a course of action. 
  • Remember, every nursing home resident has the right to:

  • Reasonable care and protection from harm, and 
  • Private visits with family and others outside the facility.