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§ 64.2-700. Virginia Uniform Trust Code

64.2-703Default and mandatory rules.
64.2-704Common law of trusts; principles of equity.
64.2-705Governing law.
64.2-706Principal place of administration.
64.2-707Methods and waiver of notice.
64.2-708Others treated as qualified beneficiaries.
64.2-709Nonjudicial settlement agreements.
64.2-710Role of court in administration of trust.
64.2-711Jurisdiction over trustee and beneficiary.
64.2-712Proceedings to appoint or remove trustees.
64.2-713Pleadings; parties; orders; notice.
64.2-714Representation; basic effect.
64.2-715Representation by holder of general testamentary power of appointment.
64.2-716Representation by fiduciaries and parents or other ancestors.
64.2-717Representation by person having substantially identical interest.
64.2-718Appointment of representative.
64.2-719Methods of creating trust
64.2-720Requirements for creation.
64.2-721Trusts created in other jurisdictions.
64.2-722Trust purposes.
64.2-723Charitable purposes; enforcement.
64.2-724Creation of trust induced by fraud, duress, or undue influence.
64.2-725Evidence of oral trust.
64.2-726Trust for care of animal.
64.2-727Noncharitable trust without ascertainable beneficiary.
64.2-728Modification or termination of trust; proceedings for approval or disapproval.
64.2-729Modification or termination of noncharitable irrevocable trust by consent.
64.2-730Modification or termination because of unanticipated circumstances or inability to administer trus...
64.2-731Cy pres.
64.2-732Modification or termination of uneconomic trust.
64.2-733Reformation to correct mistakes.
64.2-734Modification to achieve settlor's tax objectives.
64.2-735Combination and division of trusts.
64.2-736Amendment of trust where gift, grant, or will establishes private foundation or constitutes a chari...
64.2-737Distribution of income of trust that is a private foundation or a charitable trust; prohibitions a...
64.2-738Prohibitions as to trust that is deemed a split-interest trust.
64.2-739Application of {{ 64.2-737 and 64.2-738.
64.2-740Interpretation of references to Internal Revenue Code in {{ 64.2-736 through 64.2-739.
64.2-741Powers of courts not impaired by {{ 64.2-736 through 64.2-740; severability.
64.2-742Rights of beneficiary's creditor or assignee.
64.2-743Spendthrift provision.
64.2-744Exceptions to spendthrift provision.
64.2-745Certain claims for reimbursement for public assistance.
64.2-745.1Self-settled spendthrift trusts.
64.2-745.2Definitions; vacancies; right to withdraw.
64.2-746Discretionary trusts; effect of standard.
64.2-747Creditor's claim against settlor
64.2-748Overdue distribution.
64.2-749Personal obligations of trustee.
64.2-750Capacity of settlor of revocable trust.
64.2-751Revocation or amendment of revocable trust.
64.2-752Settlor's powers; powers of withdrawal.
64.2-753Limitation on action contesting validity of revocable trust; distribution of trust property...
64.2-754Accepting or declining trusteeship.
64.2-755Trustee's bond.
64.2-757Vacancy in trusteeship; appointment of successor.
64.2-758Resignation of trustee.
64.2-759Removal of trustee.
64.2-760Delivery of property by former trustee.
64.2-761Compensation of trustee.
64.2-762Reimbursement of expenses.
64.2-763Duty to administer trust and invest.
64.2-764Duty of loyalty.
64.2-766Prudent administration.
64.2-767Costs of administration.
64.2-768Trustee's skills.
64.2-769Delegation by trustee.
64.2-770Powers to direct.
64.2-771Control and protection of trust property.
64.2-772Recordkeeping and identification of trust property.
64.2-773Enforcement and defense of claims.
64.2-774Collecting trust property.
64.2-775Duty to inform and report.
64.2-776Discretionary powers; tax savings
64.2-777General powers of trustee.
64.2-778Specific powers of trustee.
64.2-778.1Trustee's special power to appoint to a second trust.
64.2-779Distribution upon termination.
64.2-780Definition of terms.
64.2-781Prudent investor rule.
64.2-782Standard of care; portfolio strategy; risk and return objectives.
64.2-783Diversification by trustee.
64.2-784Duties at inception of trusteeship.
64.2-785Loyalty and impartiality.
64.2-786Investment costs.
64.2-787Reviewing compliance.
64.2-788Delegation of investment and management functions.
64.2-789Language invoking standard of article.
64.2-790Application to existing trusts.
64.2-791Uniformity of application and construction.
64.2-792Remedies for breach of trust.
64.2-793Damages for breach of trust.
64.2-794Damages in absence of breach.
64.2-795Attorney fees and costs.
64.2-796Limitation of action against trustee.
64.2-797Reliance on trust instrument.
64.2-798Event affecting administration or distribution.
64.2-799Exculpation of trustee.
64.2-800Beneficiary's consent, release, or ratification.
64.2-801Limitation on personal liability of trustee.
64.2-802Interest as general partner.
64.2-803Protection of person dealing with trustee.
64.2-804Certification of trust.
64.2-805Uniformity of application and construction.
64.2-806Electronic records and signatures.
64.2-807Severability clause.
64.2-808Application to existing relationships.
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