Endnotes to Ethics

[1] Prepared and presented by Richard Mayberry, Esquire to lawyers  in a seminar on “Legal Ethics: Solutions to the Most Common Challenges” by the National Business Institute for attorneys. 
[2] Newletter from the ABA Standing Committee on Laywers’ Professional Liability. Lpl Advisory published by ABA, Volume 9 Number 2 – Fall 2006.
[3] NY Eth. Op. 749 (2001): “a lawyer may not make use of computer software applications to surreptitiously get behind visible documents…”
[4] Newsletter from the ABA Standing Committee on Lawyers’ Professional Liability.
[5] Marketing-Jive.com, November 18, 2007.
[6] Fatal MySpace internet hoax mother is charged, Herald Sun, 17 May 2008