Multi-Discipline Law Practice

"My life long professional experience is that static infrastructure of multi-discipline practice cannot by definition -- irrespective of the skill and good faith of its lawyer owners -- be tailored to individual needs to degree of effectiveness as a flexible team assembled in number and specialty depending upon family wishes and the client's specific medical condition and needs." -Richard Mayberry

The Elder Law Coach

The Elder Law Coach approach takes a substantially different tact than many law firms who in good faith believe a lawyer or law firms and its staff should handle most if not all aspects of elder law. Richard Mayberry believes the middle class can handle a substantial part of the life care process, with some legal coaching.

You need help to get going, stay on track and make sure your actions comply with all relevant laws. Hence, if this meets your expectation, call Richard Mayberry, the Elder Law Coach at (703) 714-1554. You control legal fees for you only pay when you need and use  coaching professional legal services

An Emerging Trend in the Elder Law Bar

The emerging trend in the elder law bar is "Multi-Discipline Practice. Typically a lawyer owns the firm and social workers and other elder law professionals practice under the lawyers overall supervision.  Other services in house may include nurses, financial advisors and insurance professionals.

Simply stated, this is a variety of professional "One Stop  Shopping." The firms practice under various trademarked names.  I hear the fees run in the $15,000 ballpark for "multi-discipline law practice."  

If this is what you desire, I am happy to refer you to a life care elder law firm.
Traditional Approach
"Do What You Do Well, and Stay with It"

Richard Mayberry provides you a choice in level of services and cost:
  • The Elder Law Coach, a more modest approach to 
  • A Team of Professionals Assembled by Richard Mayberry measures to meet the specific family's needs, and  
  • Anything in between.
After assessing client needs, if other professionals, like a care manager, are needed, we hire one from Mayberry's network of professional relationships. The care manager, or social worker or nurse or any others are hand picked based upon the medical condition affecting the client. They are not Mayberry employees

Instead, a different team may be assembled for clients with Alzheimer verses stroke. Richard Mayberry is always in charge for compliance with all relevant laws but the family is is always in control.

Factors to Consider in Selection Process
  • What is the breath of your needs?
  • What is your ability to pay?
  • What is the desire of family members to have control?
  • Is an adult child or other family members available to assist in the tasks involved in selecting a nursing home?
  • Do you believe more is always better?
  • and others factors that come into play.