Evangelical Presbyterian Church 


The fundamental biblical principle that man is made in the image of God establishes the profound value and sanctity of human life. Because of the Fall, all humans are subject to suffering and death. While suffering is an intrusion into life, it is not without divine purpose, for it provides the opportunity for Christian witness, service and godly character development as we share in the sufferings of Christ. 

Advances in medical science have greatly improved healing and relieved suffering, but have also presented many new dilemmas for patients and their families which must be faced in the light of God’s Word. 

Because of the value and sanctity of human life, we stand against any effort such as suicide, assisted suicide and euthanasia which seek to terminate innocent human life outside natural  processes, even though the motive for such efforts may be a misdirected kindness. When faced with medical situations that could call for heroic measures, Christians should make a distinction between treatment that may prolong life in hoes of recovery and that which will only prolong the dying process. As Christians deal with difficult choices surrounding life and death, they should seek the support and counsel of the Church that should reach out with compassion and the truth of God’s Word.