Best Practices

Designate in your estate plan how your body is to be disposed of when you die. Use Memorial Instructions.

Do not pre-purchase a burial site unless you have a compelling reason, such as Medicaid planning. Most tend not to work out well for many reasons, including a change of mind on site of burial. A secondary market exists for burial plots in most cemeteries. 

The entire handling of remains is regulated by the VA Bd of Funeral Directors, a state agency which also handles complaints.

  • Emotional turmoil exists during selection process of funeral home and grave sites
  • 2010 average cost circa $10, 655
  • High quality funeral homes can help with turmoil
Richard Mayberry Mothers 2010 Passing

My mother was buried in a plain pine coffin, with a name plate with brass letter in the ground stating her name, and years of her life with the Cross. An apple tree [symbol of life for those living on Lake Ontario] is close to the graveside. A memorial tree meant the most to Richard Mayberry.

One memory of one who has passed away, consider:
  • Trees are a living monument to your loved one.

Guidelines on Funerals

Review both the Funeral Consumers Alliance [pro-consumer] and Funeral Industry Guidelines 

on Funerals and Burial Plots Before Making a Choice

A good resource is "Planning a Funeral", Checkbook magazine at page 132, summer-fall 2010. www.checkbook.org