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Avoid Litigation

"We take away surprise--a primary cause of litigation
 -in order to leave a legacy of family harmony."

The key to avoiding fiduciary litigation is the family meeting when Mom and Dad makes their estate plan. This is part of Richard Mayberry's protocol, every case.
Every family member and fiduciary you desire is welcome to be present throughout your estate planning. 

If downstream family conflict is foreseeable; Richard Mayberry believes in addressing it upfront, now,  when you put your estate plan in place. Affirmative action raises the probability of avoiding future litigation, and to cause instead family harmony. Or, after you plan is complete, we offer to conduct a Family Meeting, in person with local family members, telephonic or real time video for family members who cannot make the meeting at our office

Picture: Courtroom sketch of Dick's oral argument before DC Court of Appeals, en banc. Courtesy of NBC who covered the course of this litigation in nightly TV.coverage 
Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. As a peacemaker the lawyer has superior opportunity of being a good man.There will still be business enough." -Abe Lincoln
Richard Mayberry has over 25 years experience in mediation, arbitration and litigation in state and federal courts.  [picture below is newspaper sketch artist of Richard Mayberry's oral argument before DC Ct of Appeals En Banc in 1982] 

Mayberry does not accept litigation cases today; he's committed to avoiding conflicts leading to trial for his clients when drafting estate plans and counselling clients.

Richard Mayberry fights to avoid his clients from ever hiring a trial lawyer. 

 Proactive legal counselling has a higher probability of avoiding law suits by adult children.