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Education is Goal of Site, Not Legal Advice

Educational Goal

Creative work, content, and technical aspects of current website produced by Richard Mayberry to
  • raise public awareness
  • educate Northern Virginians on the subject matters and introduce himself by displaying his biography and site content to the reader residing in Northern Virginia.
Most pictures are Mayberry family legacy through out on entire website or show attribution; some from government websites. If you believe any site content belongs to you; promptly contact Richard Mayberry. 
Not  Legal Advice
Richard Mayberry makes a reasonable effort to check site information is accurate and the law effective when you read the content;
  • not been superseded by case law or legislation or practice; 
  • is understandable to non-lawyer readers; and is 
  • useful to the reader.
Legal information on this site is not legal advice. The content does not apply the law to a person's specific circumstances. The law changes without notice on this site  or to  you.Do not rely upon any site content without seeking the advice of a lawyer licensed in your state. The reader assume all risk of loss if the reader fails to have a competent lawyer review the content before relying upon it..